Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Whats with the word "wrong"?

What is "wrong"? You get told all the time thet you're wrong, I bet. Everyone says nothing can be wrong in a blog. I'm hoping this is true because I have no idea what I'm doing to be honest. But really, can ANY writing be wrong? Most of the "rules" in the 'writing handbook' can be easily bent. Perhaps the rules only exist because people don't see that writing isn't like science or math. Nothing about it is set in stone. It all about opinion and expression, so it is an art. I don't know why I'm really thinking about this. I just know today I was writing during Spanish class(I can not pay attention in that class. Too long.) and a boy took my paper(it was a random poem) and told me it was bad. Now I am a very nice person, but you just don't insult my writing. Ever. It just doesn't go down well. And I've been thinking about that all day. Then I thought about how my enlgish teacher tells us that there is nothing wrong or bad in writing. Only things to improve on. I threw away the poem. I don't normally keep the ones I write. I never really like them.
Woahh now getting off topic. I have decided that no matter what I write in this blog, I won't backspace.
So, back to things being "wrong". When I speak of this, I'm mostly thinking of english teachers. Although most say they will never judge what you write, they always do. Last year I wrote a poem, we only had to write a poem about anything we wanted, and my teacher didn't mark anything wring with it. Yet I got a 93. Where did the points get taken off? My teacher didn't like the topic. It was about a girl who doed of suicide, and it was told from 3 points of view. Maybe I'll post it one day.
Enlgish teachers seem to only want to hold us down from our full writing potential. They don't let us think about our prompts, or put our opinion into it. Its... Stale. Boring. And they try and hold us down with rules. For example, "the thesis statement must be the last sentance of the first paragraph". Total lie that costs countless kids point off an essay.
I don't believe writing is something that can be graded, as the world seems to think. The rules are must to strict for the art, and many children don't see writing for the freedom it is. It's the freedom of expression, a way to say things that you can't word with your mouth, whether it be due to fear or any other reason.

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