Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Haha so it seems as if I died for a bit on here. I've just... well i can't say I was busy because I never really do anything at all. Hmm... well I just haven't been on the computer much. Dad is home from kuwait until the fifth. It was weird adjusting to him being back, and now he's gonna be gone again soon until june.
So I got this new ebook for christmas. I'm using it right now to type this. I can almost compare it to an ipad. I'm really happy with it. And the books on it are really cheap. The most expensive one I've vseen was only about ten dollars

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dunno what inspired this one. Its basicly a girl's last words to her mom who is a drunk and I dunno haha. I was bored.

To Momma, this is for you,
This is my goodbye,
This ain't no apology,
Because Momma I ain't sorry,
Not for making these my last words.
You may call it a sin,
But Momma I call it a new beginning.
You may not even care,
After all you never did before,.
Now Momma you have to notice,
If only to forget later,
Another bottle in your hand,
The Momma I couldn't stand.
You always left me at home,
A little girl trying to play house,
Because 'Momma' was a title you couldn't handle.
So read this and remember,
The daughter beyond your reach,
Because Momma I'm done trying,
And Momma never needed me.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Currently untitled poem... Can you think of a good title?

You said you remembered me,
And knew what we could be,
But what you didn't say,
Was at the end of the day,
Nothing I could ever do,
Was ever good enough for you.
I couldn't see,
What you were doing to me,
I thought I was to blame,
That I should feel the shame,
But now I look back,
And I see all you lack,
Because the fog that made me blind,
Is far out of my mind,
Now I'm done with the strife,
Because I've moved on with my life.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Human phycology or strategic wording? You decide.

My sister loves her AP Phych class, and currently they're learning about how what we sense is on about how we perceive it. For example, a cloud may look like a blob of nothing until someone points out "hey, that cloud looks like a pig", then you begin to see it shape into a pig. It's a simple trick of the brain.
But, some say there are some songs that are trategically made to have another secret message when played backwards. Empty Spaces by Pink Floyd is a perfect point. When played backwards it says "Congradulations you have found the secret message, ect".
Is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin one of these songs?
I personally think it's pretty convincing, because even without thr subtitled words in it, I was still about to make out the sentances, and there were almost no words I couldn't make out.
You decided.

Now, there are also those people who have found a pretty logical explanation, such as this guy:

I think its very possible for them to have strategically worded this to make it sound the way it does backwards, but I don't think it's any kind of satanic mumbo jumbo crap(Ah I sound professional, right?)
No, as stated at the end of the first video, I think it's the fight to choose satan or christ.
So, did they do it on purpose, or is it just in our phyc to pick up words from random babbling?
I don't know, it's you're choice.


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Give Some Respect

Veterans get their own day because of all of the work they have giving their country, and its well deserved. Who really knows what our veterans have done?
Well, I really don't know about the wars of the past... Wars don't interest me.
But I can tell you what a hell the people currently in the military are going through.
Right now my father is in Kuwait. He lives in a small metal box comparable to about the trailer pulled by semi trucks. And he has to share it with somebody, who is rather noisy so he lacks sleep. Also, he is the cheif in charge of a lot of people and his phone rings off the hook almost 24/7. he hates it. but the xo in Kuwait says he is probably the best chief theyve had there in a very long time. He gets some R and R around christmas time, and will be there to watch my brothers open their presents. But he is going to miss my sister's graduation.
And he has it easy.
Most people overseas don't get any R and R time. They are working straight through christmas and new years. They work every day. And their command didn't even think about sending them holiday packages.
Is it just me, or is the Navy not what it used to be?
And that's coming from someone in the 10th grade.
Well, whatever I think, you may think completely different, but it doesn't matter. It's veterans day. Give thanks to those who have served and never forget that veterans and the people who are currently serving are the reason that you have the privilage of praying at ant church/synygogue/mosque or wherever you go, that you can say what you want and beleive whatever you want, and they are the reason that you can lay down and sleep peacefully that night.
Never forget that.
Respect them.
Love your country.
Support your troops.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rank doesn't mean power

Saying you support your troops means nothing. Doing something for your troops means something.
Being the daughter of a Navy cheif, I was raised with the idea of supporting the troops, and patriotism runs in my blood.
But lately, it seems like even people in the Navy-no, the SPOUSES, are becoming nothing but... drama filled complete... well I try not to be offensive, but white trash. I am sorry if this offends anyone, but this is my personal opinion of the people who live around me who seem to have nothing better to do with their time but start drama with my family and let their kids run around screaming and yelling and being rude. I am sorry, but I was raised better than that. I don't believe that is how people and children should act.
But, I guess it's not my place to judge that.
And these 'support' groups, an example is the FRG(family readiness groups), are nothing but pure drama.
My mom doesn't take drama or ignorance well. She cannot stand to by part of the FRG because it only even leads to drama because people have nothing better to do than talk crap about her. is it not rude? Well now my mother is the frg president, because she wants to see the frg like it was when she first joined the military family 18 years ago.
Also, the other day i heard two women fighting over a parking spot, I heard one god "Well MY husband is a senior cheif" and the lady who was there first actuall gave up the spot!
Rank means nothing exceot they deserve a bit more respect. There is no reason their wives are spouses should be treated any different than anyone else.
Maybe I'm just old fashioned.
but this is just my opinion.


Saturday, November 6, 2010


I always feel pathetic when people point out that I have low self-esteem. It's not like I really mean to. But of course the only thing I get is "you only want attention".
No, I only want them to shut the heck up.
But, that's not where I meant to lead this.
Of course, I am really not good at beginings so you are prolly like "what is she trying to write?"
So I'll get to the point.
Maybe it's the low self esteem that makes me not have many friends. Maybe its just my very opinionated ways. But the point is, I don't have too many friends.
And I really don't appreciate it when they few friends I do have blow me off.
My best friend lexxi has been blowing me off for a bunch of people who don't really like me... So of course I am never invited and Lexxi doesn't give a crap. I don't know about anyone else, but that kinda offends me a lot. And I've told her this. She denies it and is like "I see you every day"
Yeahh. She sees me because she comes over my house every morning so she can ride my bus because she doesn't like the people on her bus very much.
So, I feel quite used.
I'm not sure what to do about all this. Lexxi is still my best friend in Virginia(I have a best friend in every state/country that I've lived in), but I'm really getting tired of all of this BS.