Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Dunno what inspired this one. Its basicly a girl's last words to her mom who is a drunk and I dunno haha. I was bored.

To Momma, this is for you,
This is my goodbye,
This ain't no apology,
Because Momma I ain't sorry,
Not for making these my last words.
You may call it a sin,
But Momma I call it a new beginning.
You may not even care,
After all you never did before,.
Now Momma you have to notice,
If only to forget later,
Another bottle in your hand,
The Momma I couldn't stand.
You always left me at home,
A little girl trying to play house,
Because 'Momma' was a title you couldn't handle.
So read this and remember,
The daughter beyond your reach,
Because Momma I'm done trying,
And Momma never needed me.

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