Thursday, November 11, 2010

Give Some Respect

Veterans get their own day because of all of the work they have giving their country, and its well deserved. Who really knows what our veterans have done?
Well, I really don't know about the wars of the past... Wars don't interest me.
But I can tell you what a hell the people currently in the military are going through.
Right now my father is in Kuwait. He lives in a small metal box comparable to about the trailer pulled by semi trucks. And he has to share it with somebody, who is rather noisy so he lacks sleep. Also, he is the cheif in charge of a lot of people and his phone rings off the hook almost 24/7. he hates it. but the xo in Kuwait says he is probably the best chief theyve had there in a very long time. He gets some R and R around christmas time, and will be there to watch my brothers open their presents. But he is going to miss my sister's graduation.
And he has it easy.
Most people overseas don't get any R and R time. They are working straight through christmas and new years. They work every day. And their command didn't even think about sending them holiday packages.
Is it just me, or is the Navy not what it used to be?
And that's coming from someone in the 10th grade.
Well, whatever I think, you may think completely different, but it doesn't matter. It's veterans day. Give thanks to those who have served and never forget that veterans and the people who are currently serving are the reason that you have the privilage of praying at ant church/synygogue/mosque or wherever you go, that you can say what you want and beleive whatever you want, and they are the reason that you can lay down and sleep peacefully that night.
Never forget that.
Respect them.
Love your country.
Support your troops.


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