Friday, November 19, 2010

Human phycology or strategic wording? You decide.

My sister loves her AP Phych class, and currently they're learning about how what we sense is on about how we perceive it. For example, a cloud may look like a blob of nothing until someone points out "hey, that cloud looks like a pig", then you begin to see it shape into a pig. It's a simple trick of the brain.
But, some say there are some songs that are trategically made to have another secret message when played backwards. Empty Spaces by Pink Floyd is a perfect point. When played backwards it says "Congradulations you have found the secret message, ect".
Is Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin one of these songs?
I personally think it's pretty convincing, because even without thr subtitled words in it, I was still about to make out the sentances, and there were almost no words I couldn't make out.
You decided.

Now, there are also those people who have found a pretty logical explanation, such as this guy:

I think its very possible for them to have strategically worded this to make it sound the way it does backwards, but I don't think it's any kind of satanic mumbo jumbo crap(Ah I sound professional, right?)
No, as stated at the end of the first video, I think it's the fight to choose satan or christ.
So, did they do it on purpose, or is it just in our phyc to pick up words from random babbling?
I don't know, it's you're choice.


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