Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here we go...

Oh the great sounds of... screaming? My sister and my brothers are wresting at the moment, and it is always interesting to watch. Add their ages together and my brothers are 12. Do you think they could take down a 17 year old?
Other than that, my day has not been too eventful. I should be dyeing my hair soon. I am putting a really dark brown, almost black, underneath the brown. I forget what it's called.
Suprisingly, I haven't had very much homework at all lately. There was more at the begining of the year than there is now. It's been like... 3 days since I've had any homework. I feel so lost haha, I have nothing to do at home anymore.
Momma has been pushing me to write more. Which is kinda why she encouaged me to start this blog, so I had a place to get all my thoughts and ideas on paper. I can just never quit finish any stories I start to right. I can never really connect the ideas right. And I'm very bad at ending my writing. I just never really understood how to do it.
Well thats all I have to say for now

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