Sunday, October 10, 2010

A true story of abuse.

We all think it'll never happen to someone close to us...
Until it does.
So I didn't post yesterday cuz I was rreeaallyy busy. My cousin was in the hospital with a skull fracture and bleeding around his brain. his name is Jordan. He is 8 months old.
So you ask, what happened to him?
He was abused.
My uncle and aunt did not abuse him, I assure you. It was the babysitter. She is the wife of a cop.
A few weeks ago, Jordon was vomitting and was sick. This was around the same time of the Similac recall. My aunt assumes he was only sick because of the similac recall. However, the doctor believes this was when the original bleeding in his brain began.
This woman has kids of her own, and one on the way. Her own children have been in "accidents" before, but it cannot be proven that they were purposely caused, or if they were really accidents. At 5 months old, one of her sons broke his nose. She claimed it was because he was trying to walk and fell. Her other son burned himself. She claimed it was because he jumped on the bed while she was straightening her hair. This could be possible, but it does make you wonder.
What disturbs me the most is the fact that she was very careful to hide that she was abusing him. There was never a mark on Jordan to suggest abuse.
So now you may be wondering, 'is it possible that Jordan only fell?'
Well, this possibility was considered. But, the bleeding around his brain was not only recent. There was also older bleeding there. They said he was for sure been abused on at least 3 seperate accasions, for at least 3 weeks.
How could someone be so cruel and heartless that they could abuse such a small child? It makes me sick that there are people like that, and she's a cop's wife!
It really makes you wonder, who can you trust?
Perhaps we'll never have an answer for that questions.


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  1. Oh my goodness!
    How horrible!
    I'm praying for Jordan. Please keep us updated on him!