Monday, October 11, 2010

Why is it...

...That the pointless stuff I post gets a response, but when i post something with meaning, I get nothing.
It's just a thought. My last post really got to me, and I can say by the type I was done writing it, I was near tears. Which is why it's kind of rushed and not really written well.
Well, moving on...
I have to read some shakespeare later for my english class. I just finished my world history class.
I have the PSAT on wednesday. Why don't sophmores get scholorships? Is it pointless if a sophmore gets a perfect score? At my school, sophmores and freshmen in geometry or higher are required to take the psat, even though it doesn't count for them. To me, it's rather unfair. Why should I take a pointless test?
Oh well i enjoy getting shorter classes for the test :)
You know what I've been wanting to do lately? ...Well no, I guess you wouldn't. I've been wanting to make those string bracelets that almost all of us used to make as kids. Wow, look how I'm talking. "when we were kids". Makes me sound old. I'm only 14. One of the youngest people in my class.
Oh before my ranblings become pointless, I should go. I'll probably go look for some string.


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