Friday, October 1, 2010

"In the Eyes of the Hunter"-Poem

~This is just a poem I write today during school. I don't know what I think about it. It's kind of just. Odd.~

I run swift as the breeze,
Running from the life I once lived,
Searching for a life among the trees.
I've heard the stories,
But I must be brave,
Even if the spirit of this place,
Sends me to my grave.

I watch her run,
She thinks this life is easy,
Maybe even fun,
But this is my place,
My place to be free,
I must hunt her down,
She can't escape me.

I hear it's sound,
The long, mournful howl,
And I know I have been found.
I know it hunts me,
I must find a place to stay,
so in the morning I can escape,
And finally get away.

She tries to hide,
She doesn't realize,
Nothing is on her side.
It will be easy,
Done with a single bite,
She won't even scream,
Won't put up a fight.

I see it now,
It has traveled fast,
Though I know not how.
I stare into the eyes of the wolf,
It's hard to believe it's here,
It's eyes pierce me,
My body fills with fear.

She is sick,
I smell it on her.
Her death should be quick.
I show my fangs,
I move in,
But that scent in the air...
The scent of my kin.

I feel something inside,
A primal instinct,
As if I could brush this demon aside.
I take a step forward,
It takes a step back.
I know it can feel it,
This desire to attack.

How can this be?
She't not a hunter,
Not like me.
But this look in her eyes,
It is not of man,
But she cannot hunt,
Not as I can.

I don't heasitate to leap,
As the instinct takes over,
This is my life to keep.
Instict drives me forward,
I can't keep still,
I don't think it realizes,
I'm moving in for the kill.

I can't move fast enough,
I never imagined this death,
This can not be over quick enough.
With death comes peace,
And so ends my reign,
She is kind and quick,
I feel no pain.

My first kill,
Proves I will survive here,
Proves I have the will.
They called me crazy,
So I ran away,
They said I was sick,
And now I have a place to stay.

(79 lines, 11 stanzas, 7 lines per stanza)

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