Saturday, October 2, 2010

Saturday :D

Ah today is nearly over. It is always a sad time when a Saturday comes and goes, because it is definatly the best day of the week. mon-thurs you just with is was the weekend. Friday is torture cuz you know Saturday is tomorrow, so Firday seems to drag on. And Sunday, you know Monday is tomorrow. But on Saturday, you can sleep in and stay up late. It is simply the best day.
I got my hairnets for Foods class on Monday. We're making cookies :D  I love cookies. I also got my hairdye. We're putting brown underneath my brown.
I'm watching Major Payne right now. This has to one of my favorite movies, no doubt.
Mom tells me I should write more. Like, try and finish one of my many storied that I've started and always give up on. I can never just connect the ideas in my story. Though I've started a new one. But I also get really embarrassed when she reads my writing cuz I think she's gonna think I'm really wierd for what I write about or something. Or sometimes I dont even have a reason to feel ambarrassed. I just feel like it's be awkward for her to read it. I don't know. My best friend is coming over later for a sleep over :D We have a BFC Monster and a 12 pack of dr pepper so it will be a fun night :)

~Kel, signing off

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